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At JM Grain, we source our pulses from hardworking farmers in Montana and North Dakota, the heart of the U.S. pulse-growing region. We work directly with our farmers to ensure they get the best return for their pulses with fair and fast settlement prices. By combining the most advanced pulse-growing research with the generations of experience and wisdom of our producers, we deliver pulse products recognized around the world for their quality.

JM Grain exports our pulses—both domestically and internationally—using the latest technology and tested logistics to ensure on-time deliveries customized to the individual buyer’s needs. We believe in creating a relationship with our buyers and are pleased to be a conduit between the proud communities where our pulses are grown and theirs.


We’re committed to working with our producers to unlock the value and potential of the crops that they grow. We understand the early mornings, the late nights, the sore muscles. We know how hard you work and respect the traditions and way of life of the American farmer. Because of that, we strategically partner with you to work on the sustainability, nutrition, and affordability of your crops so that we can effectively market your products around the world and get you the most money per-acre possible.


JM Grain sources its pulses from over 700 independent farmer-producers growing crops with the clean air, clear water, and in the fertile fields of Montana and North Dakota. We cultivate relationships with our producers to ensure that our buyers are receiving a level of quality that can’t be surpassed anywhere in the world. Our production line cleans, sizes, sorts, and splits, making sure that from field to transport, your products are handled with care and packaged to your personal specifications.

By taking the time to know what our buyers’ individual and market needs are, we unlock the economic potential for pulses for each company we ship products to. The quality of our cleaning, organization, and logistics are proven and technology-based to ensure you get what you pay for, on time, and without compromise.


Pulse crops have been an important food source throughout history and are among the world’s most ancient crops. Pulses have been cultivated by numerous cultures around the globe, sustaining populations while enriching the earth’s soil. Pulses are a palette of sizes, colors, textures, and flavors and provide a versatile, delicious, and nutritious food source that crosses cultural boundaries.

JM Grain operates under USPLTA Trade Rules and GAFTA 88/24/125.

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Marvin Flaten – Operations
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